Martin Villanove PHP Full Stack Developer

Development Languages

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • Dev Ops
  • Javascript

Development Tools

  • Laravel (FrameWork PHP)
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Jquery (FrameWork JS)
  • Prestashop (CMS)
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

My work environment

  • Firefox (Browser)
  • Sublime Text (IDE)
  • Ubuntu (OS)
  • GIT (Versionning)
  • Gulp (Automation)
  • Composer (Dependencies)
  • NPM (Dependencies)
  • Agile (WorkFlow)
  • Silicon Valley (TV Show)



Licence, Technic of Film and Sound Making (TAIS)

IUT Angoulême

After two multidisciplinary years, I choose to focus on film making, even if it take me away from the development. Film making had always fascinated me, and making studies in that field was a child dream for me. With a year full of wonderful projects, I understand that my mind was always thinking about web and development. Still, this year of studies, graduated with honor, was the richest in projects and in encounters.


DUT SRC, Programmation speciality

IUT Angoulême

Hesitating on which way to go, I try to go for a wide way, in which I could choose between multiple domain and where I could try different subjects. With my need to learn everything, the DUT 'SRC' (Services et Réseaux de Communication) was perfect. This formation was built around three big axes. Communication, Film Making and Development. Then, my interest in web development and the programmation grew a lot.


Scientific Secondary school Diploma, Biology speciality

Lycée Frantz Fanon, Martinique

Martinican since my childhood, it's obviously on this little island that I graduate from high school, with a scientific baccalaureat. Always curious, I'm passionate about sciences (mainly biology), philosophy and mostly, informatic. My diploma with honor in one hand, I just had to find my way ...



Consultant PHP Developer

Adneom Belgium | Consultancy at Joyn

The opportunity to go in a foreign country, for an International Volunteering in Business (VIE) contract, pushes me to look for a company with a different culture from what I was used to until then. Adneom allowed me to become a consultant, working on longer and deeper missions. For JOYN, I was in charge not only of the maintenance of the their CRM and ERP, but also of the evolution of the system, with at least 6000 B2B clients. I learnt new framework like CakePHP and ensure my knowledge with Laravel !


Web Developer

Bulko Agency

Following my internship and two contract of two month each, I integrate the company at full time, for an indefinite period. I still learn a lot, but I can now focus myslef on improving my assets and participate in the agency evolution. My work at Bulko allow me to use tools like Gulp, Composer and develop with Laravel, WordPress or Prestashop everyday.


Web Developer internship

Bulko Agency

Freshly graduated, this last internship making me validating my licence, the Bulko Agency made me understood how a company was functionning, made me integrate myself in a working team and mainly, enhance myself in a lot of subjects. Was it on programmation, project & workflow management, or even graphism, I had at Bulko the best training ever.


Game Maker

CCSTI Martinique

I worked in a two month internship for the 'Carbet des Sciences' (CCSTI Martinique), to create various games. These games was made to raise awareness among the populations on ecology and sismic risks. The whole thing was made for the web, using simple technologies (Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5).

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My Works

  • All
  • Developpement
  • Film making
  • Design
  • Laravel TrainingDocument created at Bulko, to explain Laravel to the other developer of the agency.
  • WeboramaA simple handmade PHP framework, made for simple project. It come with a routing system, an MVC architecture and a simple database ORM, using PDO.
  • WebDoc TAIS Website (WordPress)Website for the documentary made in the TAIS licence, WordPress with Custom Content/Post Type.
  • MyLocal Dashboard project, made for the developers, listing the currents website available under http://localhost/. Open source project of Golga.
  • Le Jour où la Terre tremble (jQuery)Little jQuery game, made during my internship at CCSTI Martinique.
  • Villenave D'Ornon (WordPress)Website of the city of Villenave D'Ornon, made under WordPress with a lot of handmade plugins. Made at Bulko
  • This portfolio (full meta !)GitHub link of this portfolio, allowing you to see the source code (scss, php, folder management).
  • Old portfolio Visualisation of my old protfolio, using a jQuery plugin to symbolize projects.
  • Moody Jungle (WordPress)LifeStyle / Fashion / Beauty website, basic wordpress, installation, configuration and integration.
  • Lost School Dance Party (jQuery)RandomGameJam, make a game with randomly choosen title. Javascript/jQuery development on 48H.
  • Tu veux ma photo ?Fake trailer, a mix of two movies with Jim Carrey.
  • Le Dormeur Du Val Visual adaptation of Arthur Rimbaud's poem.
  • Le guide des Internet End of studies' project, WebDocumentary about web culture.
  • StopMorphing First short film for the 24h/24s contest, on the theme 'Metamorphosis'.
  • La Petite Illusion (CSS) Second short film for the 24h/24s contest, on the theme 'Illusion'
    Entirely done with CSS and Javascript.
  • Le Lit De Berty Last short film for the 24h/24s contest, on the theme 'Freedom'.
  • Speech liberty (Photo) Fake advert of Amnetsy International about speech liberty. Photography and retouching in Photoshop.
  • Road Safety (Photo) Fake awareness campaign on road safety. Photography and retouching in Photoshop.
  • FAHRENHEITComplete magazine, done at the end of the Licence. Writing of two articles and participation on the global design.
  • Ludus BugUnity game done for the Ludus Game Jam 2017. Level design and Game design.

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